Skin Care

All facials incorporate a skin analysis, exfoliation treatment, scalp massage, facial shoulder, decollete and hand & foot massage



‘Refine’ Purification Facial | for oily or blemish prone skin

Combat blemishes, oily skin and large pores with our ultimate purification treatment. Beginning with a cleanse following with a facial exfoliation treatment, extractions of blemishes, then an application of purifying toning hydrosol with gentle anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties for further cleansing and shrinkage of pores. ‘Refine’ facial features a purifying french clay mask designed to draw out impurities & toxins and re-balance the skin. Finishing off with a warm facial massage, oil free hydrator and spot treatment

60 minutes | COMING SPRING 2018




‘Fortify’ Anti-Aging Facial | for aging prevention

Reinforce your skins defense against aging with our ultimate prevention treatment. Beginning with a cleanse, following with a skin analysis, facial exfoliation treatment, rejuvenating rosehip mask rich in antioxidants to fight against sun damage, continuing with rosehip hydrosol to reduce fine lines. Finishing off with a warm coconut oil facial massage and an application of the lavish collagen elastin+ serum containing 10% marine collagen to bolster up the skins natural protein fibers

60 minutes | COMING SPRING 2018




‘Sustain’ Nourishing Facial | for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin

Indulge your skin in our optimum hydration treatment. Eliminating redness, texture, congestion and skin irritations by hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing your skin. Beginning with a cleanse and exfoliation treatment, followed with a calming cucumber & sea algae mask with senna seed extract to boost water content and soothe inflamed skin. Continued with nutrient-rich hydration serum that will recharge your skin at the cellular level with its soothing and hydrating properties. Finishing off with a warm coconut oil facial massage and skin drink moisturizer

60 minutes | COMING SPRING 2018