Eyelash Extensions

Lashes and adhesives used at Blue Opal Beauty Bar are vegan and gluten free. 

Before you book: It is important that you arrive to your lash appointment with a make-up free face to ensure proper bonding during the service.


Full Set


Lash Fill

$30-$60  Fills after 4 weeks require a new full set






 Eyelash extensions are an excellent way to compliment  natural beauty by accentuating the eyes. They are ideal for people with busy mornings, for people who like to get up and go,  for people who like the look of strip lashes but not the hassle of applying them day after day or someone who is going on vacation and would like a water proof makeup free option!

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Post care instructions – Protect your investment


After your appointment –After your appointment do not expose your lashes to heat, sauna, steam, tanning beds, excessive perspiration or facial treatments within the first 24 hours.

Regular maintenance – Never expose your lashes to oil based products, mechanical eyelash curlers, rub or pull on your lashes at any time.

Extra tips – To avoid getting cosmetic build up in your lashes be mindful of regularly cleaning your eye lids and eye lash extensions with oil free make up remover. If you decide to wear your eyelash extensions with makeup remember to make sure your makeup and skin care products are oil free!




What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are artificial lash enhancements that are adhered to your natural lash on a 1:1 ratio. They are designed for permanent wear with regular maintenance fills every 2-3 weeks and will fall out with your natural lash cycle. However they can be removed upon request.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes? Eyelash extensions adhered properly by a certified professional, that are size appropriately to the individual will not damage your natural lashes and should be comfortable while on. Most horror stories you hear or read about stem from people visiting cheaper salons. Make sure the lash technician you choose has proper certifications and that they use high quality products.

How likely am I to have an allergic reaction to my eyelash extensions? Anyone could potentially react to eyelash extensions as is similar with any product. It is important to inform your technician of any pre-existing allergies and to have clearance from your doctor before getting eyelash extensions after under going surgery.

Products we use

Blue Opal Beauty Bar uses London Lash Company adhesives & lash extensions. London Lash Company adhesive is an ISO cosmetic, medical & surgical grade adhesive approved by Health Canada manufacturing standards.

Engineered with fine viscosity and quality raw materials this adhesive is durable, comfortable, light weight to wear, provides an undetectable bond, does not break down in water or moisture environments & it does not clog follicles, allowing your natural lashes to remain strong and continue to grow underneath. London Lash Company adhesive has extremely low reactivity with its  0.00001 vapor disperse.